Dissidia 012 Update

After the success of Dissidia Final Fantasy; a fighting game for the PlayStation Portable that pits some of your favorite Final Fantasy heroes and villains in an epic deathmatch. Square Enix was given a green light to produce a sequel to the hit portable game, entitled Dissida 012 (012 is pronounced as Duodecim, a Latin word meaning twelve), the announcement was published on the popular Japanese game magazine Famitsu last September. Although it was already hinted the development team behind Dissidia is also interested in making a sequel.
The story of Dissidia 012 takes place before the events of the first game, making this a prequel. The game will also introduce new characters to add to the original 22 character roster, some say that the additional new characters will roughly around 4-10 characters, as of now, only 4 characters were revealed: Kain Highwind from FFIV, Tifa Lockhart from FFVII, Vaan from FFXII and Lightning from FFXIII. Aside from new characters, there will be new costume sets for each character, some are even from the original works by Yoshitaka Amano. There are plans of including codes to Kindgom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Final Mix and The 3rd Birthday to promote Dissidia 012, these codes gives access to Cloud’s Kingdom Hearts costume and Lightning’s Aya Brea costume.
A new gameplay feature was been added, called the Assist System, this gives you the ability to call out a support character to aid you in battle by inflicting damage to your opponent, but take note that your support character can be countered, making them inaccessible in a short period of time. Performing an Assist requires consumption of one Action Gauge bar for Brave damage and two Action Gauge bars for HP damage. Along with the new feature, new move list is added for the old Dissidia characters, giving you a chance to experiment new combos with your old favorites, as well as new maps and soundtrack.
And it is already reported that the local version of Dissida 012 is already in the works, and it is expected to be release in Q1 of 2011.
While there are still some characters that haven’t been revealed, I will be making a Dissidia 012 wishlist in the coming days to check out which characters do you wish to be included in the sequel (or rather prequel) to Dissidia Final Fantasy, so stay tuned for that…..
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