Faces: Voltron Series

Here’s another episode of Faces, for this episode, we’ll be focusing on the classic 80’s cartoons Voltron: Defender of The Universe.
Voltron is about a group of space explorers riding different vehicles that can transform into a giant robot called Voltron, fighting against evil empires to protect the universe.
For those who didn’t know, the Voltron series was created by Peter Keefe where he licensed two different animes to be edited, lessened the violent scenes and rewritten the script to make a whole new one. The series focused on the two Voltron forces: The Lion Force and The Vehicle Team, originally this was supposed to be a trilogy series, but due to the poor reception in the Vehicle Force arc, the third arc was canceled. A movie was created that featured the two teams fighting side-by-side. So let’s check out each of their opening videos as well from the Japanese versions, take note that the narrator in the opening videos was voiced by none other than Peter Cullen (the guy who voiced as Optimus Prime).
The Voltron Lion Force was the most popular of the two, which composed of five lions to form the mighty robot. This was based on the anime series Beast King GoLion, although this was the first to be aired from the series, this was noted as Voltron III. And then in 1998, a sequel to the Lion Force was created and was dubbed as Voltron: The Third Dimension, the new series was created in CGI (Computer Generated Imagery)
US version

Japanese Version (GoLion)
Voltron: The Third Dimension Version
The Vehicle Team composed of fifteen vehicles and were sorted into three groups: the Sea Team, the Land Team and the Air Team. each group can form into a larger vehicle and also as one giant robot. This arc was the least popular from the series. The Vehicle Team was based on the Armored Fleet Dairugger XV. This was also known as Voltron I.
US Version
Japanes Version (Dairugger XV)
The supposed third arc would be called Gladiator Voltron (aka Voltron II) and should be based on the anime Lightspeed Electroid Albegas, but because of low ratings on the Vehicle Team arc, the proposed arc was canceled.
Japanese Version (Albegas)
As of today, the people behind the popular cartoon series are planning to develop a feature length film based on the Lion Force, and last September, they posted the concept art of the said movie. Although up to now, there are still no news on the development.
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