Event Aftermath: Battle of The Immortals Guild Leader’s Meeting

MMO publisher Cubizone held its second Guild Leader’s Meeting at the New Horizon Hotel last December 4. Different Guilds from different MMOs all gathered to witness a launch of their new MMORPG: Battle of The Immortals.
Battle of The Immortals (or BOI as the Cubizone people call it) was developed by Perfect World Games (the people behind Perfect World the Heroes of The Three Kingdom) and features a 2.5D style of gameplay, it also has the feel of Norse, Greek and Chinese mythology, all combined to create a imaginative world.
The game offers five character classes: the Vanguard being the tankers armed with sword and shield, the Vicar being the healer class, the Warlord for the melee heavy hitters, the Magus for the magic damage dealers and the Executioner the DPS (damage per second) makers.
BOI also offers a mount system where you can acquire different vehicles and they are also upgradeable, a pet system where you can capture monsters (and even boss) to tame them and even fuse two pets to create a new one. A quest system where you can also attend instance and earn points to buy powerful equipments, and powerful equipment sets called Soul Gears where the equipments also levels with you.
There are some other notable features such as the Guilder (cash item currency) trading system where you can exchange Gold to Guilder points so you can purchase premium cash items. The Double EXP system is another feature that is interesting; every week, each player has 300 minutes worth of double experience bonus, they can use it anytime they want and it will reset every Sunday. The New Player Reward System gives new comers bonus items that gives them a slight edge when starting a new game.
During the meeting, Cubizone announced that they have some special promos to kick start the launch of BOI, such promos such as raffles where you can win a Nokia C3 or even an iPhone by playing BOI. There will also be a ICafe PvP tournament where players can win as much as P15,000 and ICafe owners can also win cash prizes. You can also win prizes by being the first to reach the level cap.
The Close Beta Phase of BOI has already ended and they will start the Open Beta Phase on December 6. we’ll try to make a review of the game, so stay tuned for that…
For more information, you log on to Cubizone’s official website: www.cubizone.ph
and Battle of The Immortals’ official website: www.boi.ph
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