Event Aftermath: Megacon

If you thought that the Christmas Toycon was the only event in December, it turns out that there’s a follow up event at the venue in the Megatrade Hall 1 in SM Megamall.
The said event was called Megacon, and it was held last December 22 and 23, which was a bit in a tight situation for the convention as it was dated on a weekday, it happen a few days after the Christmas Toycon and a few days before Christmas. But anyway it still offered some gaming, anime and collectible goodness.
The bad part was if you attended the whole three days of the Christmas Toycon, chances are, you’ll be seeing some similar booths in Megacon, so if you are looking for some items that were not available from the Xmas Toycon, you’re out of luck.
There were gaming booths like a DoTA tournament and a free-play booth from Sony and MAT Online. A cosplay competition but sadly the majority were from the previous event and some are rather uninspired, but there were few good quality cosplayers. You would also notice that the event was rather spacious due to the very few booths at that time
Overall, the event was rather rushed but maybe next time, they’ll offer more activities and booths in the future.
You can check some of the images of the Megacon from the slideshow below.



Oh yeah as a bonus, I took a video of an Otaku band called Evening Tea Time performing one of K-On!’s opening song during the event. Enjoy…

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