Event Aftermath: Granado Espada Philippine Gathering 2011

IAHGames; the publisher of Granado Espada Southeast Asia (SEA), prepared a special players gathering for the Filipino gamers of their flagship MMORPG which was held at T.G.I. Friday’s in Trinoma last February 12, 2011.
Gamers waited until 1pm in the afternoon and lined up to get their accounts registered for the event. The venue was jam-packed with hungry gamers (which was according to the staff at the event, the total attendees were around 170, and the maximum seating capacity of Friday’s was 190) which occupied the whole venue, the IAH staff never expected that large amount of players. During the event they announced that the distribution of IAH Game Cards will be handled by Phil Portal, another surprise is that IAHGames Philippines (they are also the distributor of Starcraft 2 SEA in the Philippines) will be handling the community for the PH gamers in Granado Espada (they will be handling the support, events, etc.), but there are still no reports on whether or not they will cancel their contract with E-Games, E-Games is currently the distributor of Granado Espada SEA in the Philippines.
The event was hosted by the Product Manager of IAHGames PH Toby Lozada, where he also announced the news to the players. They also offered GE merchandises from t-shirts to laptop skins to game cards, and also they held a raffle where players can win GE merchandises (including the limited edition wine glasses) and in-game premium items (including the sought after Asoka RNPC card).
Overall, the gathering was a success, although the venue wasn’t able to accommodate all of the attendees, the Filipino players were thrilled that they were able to meet other players and showed that the PH community is still alive and kicking.
credits to EldeonRose of Rembrandt Server for the additional images
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