The Arrival of GTA for PlayStation 5

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June 30, 2020

Brief history

Developed in 1997, the Grand Theft Auto series has become a hugely popular video game worldwide. This action-adventure game was created by David Jones and Mike Dailly who during those days worked for a British development company called RockstarNorth. Today, the series has eleven games and four expansion packs, as well as millions of fans around the world who continue to play in the fictional scenarios where the player can choose different missions and activities. More than 280 million units have been sold since the series was first released, making an estimated revenue of more than $9 billion dollars and counting. This is the fourth highest-selling video game behind Nintendo and Pokemon who are also widely acclaimed.

When you’re a Grand Theft Auto player, you are given the option to choose one fictional character to play, typically a criminal in a big city who’s involved in organized crime and other criminal conducts. The player has to complete several missions in order to progress through the storyline. Activities such as taxi driving, firefighting and flying helicopters, just to name a few of them, are featured in all of the series. These types of video games are generally considered as open-world games, meaning that they give a lot of freedom to the player in order to choose the path that’s best for them and successfully complete the missions. Most of the settings in Grand Theft Auto are in the United States, and although they are fictional cities, they are very similar to California cities or, to be more specific, cities like Las Vegas in the state of Nevada, where bets are extremely popular and adrenaline plays a major role.

The first game of the series GTA V

The first game of the series was developed for Microsoft Windows and later on, it was developed for the PlayStation and the Game Boy Color. A version for the PlayStation 5 is due to be released soon as fans around the globe are ready to buy this new version of the series which continues to be a best selling video game, increasing it’s revenue year over year. It seems like this holiday season will be a perfect opportunity to release the new version of the video game although this has not yet been confirmed. Even more now that people are spending a lot of time at home as restrictions in many countries continue. Some sources mention that the PlayStation 5 will be released on a Sony Console.

Some weeks ago, a livestream video presentation took place and Sony revealed some details for the new Playstation 5 console that included a new design and lineup of games. According to Sony Interactive Entertainment, Grand Theft Auto will be included in the console for free as well as other popular games. It seems that it will have an expanded version and will be available in the second half of 2021.

New real game options

A few months ago, GTA allowed you to get into a Casino and play some games to make money. You could see the character playing and betting the most common games to go ahead on the game. However, the developers wanted to go forward and created an online diamond casino where players can play poker and roulette for real money. Going deeper into this subject, it was recently announced that The Diamond Casino and Resort will be opening its doors in the fictional city of Los Santos where many of the GTA missions have been taking place. This is a very anticipated opening for those fans who play Grand Theft Auto. It is planned that this new establishment opens on July 23 with the goal of inviting users to test their luck and play roulette wheels in Grand Theft Auto 5. To get inside this beautiful casino you will first need a membership. There are two kinds of memberships; the first one being the cheapest comes with a parking garage, a valet parking, unlimited champagne and some other top-notch services. The second one is a bit more expensive and includes a VIP pass to the online casino, as well as all the other benefits that the cheaper membership includes. You will also have access to a VIP lounge and penthouse. There are no details yet of the cost of each membership, but Rockstar Games will be releasing the details soon, as players will have the option to actually buy the membership and enjoy all the benefits that it includes.

If you are currently asking yourself the best ways to win money inside the online Diamond casino, you’ve come to the right place. There will be plenty of games to choose from. This casino will also include it’s very own version of The Wheel of fortune and it will give players the opportunity to win clothing, cash and chips. If you are lucky and you get to be the winner of any of these games, you will be able to cash your chips in-game currency which can later be exchanged for weapons, vehicles or clothing inside the game.

This new and interactive casino inside the GTA series will be a great opportunity for you to practice your betting skills and make some extra cash that will surely help you to complete all the missions that you are set to. This is the very first time that a video game joins forces with the online gaming industry by providing players an opportunity to bet in a real online casino and play with real money, which makes it much more exciting and fun.

There is no question that every new version of the Grand Theft Auto always comes with a surprise and this is not an exception. The release of the new PlayStation 5 console is the perfect way to ensure players that the experience of playing video games combined with online gaming, in this case, the online casino, will transform the whole experience of gaming by giving them the chance to play with real money and bet in real games, not just only fictional scenarios.

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