Mobile Gaming 2020

Written by Alex Neri

October 12, 2020

It is doubtful that anyone would argue the fact that 2020 has been unlike any other due to the Coronal Virus and all that threatens the way we live, work and source our entertainment. All these threats, restrictions and social distancing have led to a massive increase of online traffic especially for those social creatures amongst us who loved to share time out with family and friends at the theatre, casino or cinema.

The way in which the internet has fashioned the way we source entertainment as well as using it for buying numerous goods and services is truly remarkable. Games have been an integral part of mankind’s entertainment throughout the ages. Interestingly when the computer was invented games were designed to check its performance, and the same applies to the internet as games were used to examine the execution and performance.

As technology advanced so did the quality of the games on offer, in fact, there have been some jaw-dropping turns and twists which have led to us relying on the internet for so much more than we could ever imagine.


A Little History

The period of 1960 – 1990 was massive for video games with a host-based network and time-sharing proving to be the core elements to the foundation of the internet. Those years saw us being able to play games that had been both designed and developed to promote online involvement which made great marketing sense as the online availability of games online is obviously a great deal cheaper and reaches a wider audience.

Once the culture of playing games online began it never looked back until online gaming became the norm for most players.


The Advancement of Technology and its Effect on Online Gaming

The advancement of technology has a massive impact on every single industry, including the online industry, it has changed the very meaning of online gaming which now provides an escape for many people from the daily stresses and dramas of the actual world.

We all lead busy lives and being able to get away, even for just a few minutes, to enjoy our favorite genre of games can really help to de-stress and recharge our batteries. There have been many studies on online gaming with some scientific research suggesting that playing video games can benefit the players by improving coordination between different systems of the body and sharpening the mind.

High definition and vivid graphics all help to enhance online play, and games are now so immersive that their boundaries are only defined by the imagination of the games developers, with VR play, multiplayer options, 3D games and games that can be played in real-time like live roulette games only some of the options.


 Playing on the Go

Being able to play wherever and whenever you choose ticks so many boxes for a great many people. Convenience is the name of the game, and being able to play using your mobile device whilst commuting means that you will never miss out on your favorite game. For instance, all of your favorite slots games can be played at Fruity KIng even live games of roulette which is a very easy option to avoid any interruptions in your fun time.

All of these advancements have changed the way we look at online gaming with the entertainment market taking off globally, ever-growing and progressing as the years go on. Online gaming offers employment and to those that love to game a chance to choose how they play – who knows where the next decade will take us as online gaming strengthens its roots in today’s world.

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