Persona 5 Strikers Review: Continuing the Streak of Atlus’ Great Spin-Offs

‘I am thou, thou art I’ is a phrase you’d be all-too-familiar with if you’ve the last 3 installments of Atlus’ Persona. And it looks like they’ve taken this phrase to heart even when coming up with spinoffs. One of the recurring themes of the Persona series is how an...

Video Game Releases: March 2021

We are at the end of the first quarter and looks like there is still a new wave of games coming our way for March. We are already feeling the heat, not because it's the start of summer (here in the Philippines), but a ton of games are arriving this March. From sequels...

Little Nightmares 2 Review: A Journey Into the Void

  Horror games or movies is something we commonly think involves a hapless person or group of people that have to run from some sort of ghost, monster, or serial killer. Where the victims are suddenly placed in a situation where they are put in constant fear as...

Guilty Gear Strive 2nd Beta Impressions

 Alright, so we got some early access for Guilty Gear Strive, and unfortunately, I didn’t really have the time or energy to stream my time playing with the beta. But that didn’t mean I didn’t play as much as I could. I even got to play with some people I look up to,...

Video Game Releases: February 2021

We are in the second month of 2021, and things are getting hot with more awesome games coming in our way. February is the love month, and this means more games to gift to your loved ones and share some gaming moments together. So here is the list of games that will be...

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Review: Perpetual Padded Progression

Last Christmas (where I did NOT give you my heart), I was asked to handle the dinner for the Eve. One of the things I had to do was prepare a soup stock. I had no idea how to do it but I was basically asked to simmer a bunch of meat and bones for a very long time....

The Best Free to Play Games of 2020

Sweet video game deals for your quarantine enjoyment. 2020 gave us a lot of time to play more video games, "a lot" meaning 30 minutes than usual. As the majority of industries took a pause, gaming did not take a complete break as developers and publishers still...

Reduce that Backlog: Games You Should Play during the Holiday Break

Long breaks mean more game days and more game days mean more time to chip away at that dangerously growing backlog of titles. Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but the glare of your monitor is so delightful, and since there's no place to go, well, game on. The...

Video Game Releases: December 2020

2020 ends with a bang with more games arriving in December. 2020 may not be the best year for everyone, thanks to a terrible global pandemic that halted the entire operation of every sector. But that doesn't stop gaming to ease the stress of staying indoors for a...

Watch Dogs Legion Review: An Anonymous Army Ain’t Amazing

For some reason, the year where all of us are asked to stay home as much as possible becomes the year where open world games look to expand what they can do. They’ve either worked on including set pieces, added more activities, or even synergize the genre with other...


Overwatch Archives 2021 Now Live

Overwatch Archives 2021 Now Live

Heroes never die! Experience Overwatch’s storied past in this year’s Archives event, featuring a new weekly challenge reward system and new Archives missions – now live on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch! Don’t forget to log in from April 6 to April 27 to...


COLORFUL Presents CVN Z590M GAMING PRO Motherboard

COLORFUL Presents CVN Z590M GAMING PRO Motherboard

Colorful presents the CVN Z590M GAMING PRO micro-ATX motherboard for the 11th generation Intel Core processors. The CVN Z590M GAMING PRO features larger heatsinks and M.2 heatsink armor for improved...


Hearthstone’s Forged in the Barrens is Now Available

Hearthstone’s Forged in the Barrens is Now Available

Forged in the Barrens, the new expansion for Blizzard Entertainment’s smash-hit digital card game Hearthstone, is now live, kicking off the Year of the Gryphon with a rousing cry of “blood and thunder!” Inspired by the titular setting from World of Warcraft, Forged in...

PROJECT CARS GO Races to Mobile Devices Worldwide

PROJECT CARS GO Races to Mobile Devices Worldwide

Start your engines! The critically acclaimed Project CARS racing experience has arrived on mobile with Project CARS GO, available today to download for free on the Apple App Store for iPhone and Google Play Store for Android devices. Created in collaboration with the...

Mecha & Figure News

Why you should be watching Gurren Lagann

Why you should be watching Gurren Lagann

Come to think of it, why aren't you watching Gurren Lagann? Late last year we made a quick list of some of the biggest Mecha offerings to look out for in 2021. Now some of those are already out and others are following closely. But, in a very surprising turn of...

February 2021’s Gunpla Lineup

February 2021’s Gunpla Lineup

It's love month, express your love in Gunpla. Whether you're alone or celebrating the month of love with someone special, nothing beats the joy of building your favorite Gunpla. Completing one of your many backlogs with your special someone, or getting a new one...

January 2021’s Gunpla Lineup

January 2021’s Gunpla Lineup

New year, new Gunpla! Good riddance 2020, hello 2021. It's another exciting year for Gundam builders and January opens with a ton of great releases which surprisingly does not include an RFA. Anyway, we know that your backlogs are piling up so here we are to bring you...

Esports and Events News

More Details About Overwatch 2 from BlizzConline

More Details About Overwatch 2 from BlizzConline

At BlizzConline, the Overwatch 2: Behind the Scenes featurette gave players a look at the ongoing development of Overwatch 2 and how the game has evolved since its unveiling at BlizzCon 2019. Here are just a few highlights: A first look at some new locations players...

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