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Last Granado Espada Memoirs: Featuring CM Veya

With Granado Espada SEA shutting down, we take a look back at the great memories we had in the game and featured memoirs of some of the key personalities. In our first memoir, we have the former Community Manager of Granado Espada SEA PH branch Veya to share her adventures.

Kritika Update Welcomes Newest Class Noblia

GAMEVIL’s Kritika: The White Knights has a new update, and its headliner is the newest class Noblia. Noblia is a physical type class who summons a variety of weapons from her wand in order to crush all who would oppose her. The update also comes with new features such as the ‘Event Calendar,’ ‘Play Time Reward’ and

MU Legend’s Global Open Beta Coming This Summer

WEBZEN, a global developer and publisher of free-to-play games, has today announced that the global version of MU Legend will launch into open beta later this year. With the start of the open beta, all players around the world will be able to push through the gates of the continent of MU and discover the