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What is Reimaru Files? It is a site that features everything about gaming; from the good old classic consoles to the very massively MMO games, from the killer combo guides to the top-notch game peripherals up to the gamer’s favorite grubs. Aside from gaming, we also showcase Anime, manga, movies, and anything geeky found in the internet. We also showcase videos about gaming/anime conventions, cosplayers, gameplay footage of new games and the funny side of the internet. Originally created as a fan blog for the MMORPG Granado Espada last 2007. After moving on from the MMORPG, Reimaru Files began making features on PlayStation Portable games in 2008, and then expanded to different gaming consoles the year after. Then in 2011, it has finally evolved itself as a true gaming and geek blog that caters to all gamers and geeks alike.

Site Improvements The site was initially hosted on blogspot, Google’s blog publishing platform. Realizing the need to establish a separate identity as a brand, Reimaru Files has now moved from Blogspot to a self-hosted server by Sakura Index Network, which has, in turn, followed through to become Cyne Creative. ReimaruFiles is also founding partner of the Media Index Group, which aims to provide a wide spectrum of content across different topics, fandom, and media.

New Layout following the trend towards a clean, responsive layouts Reimaru Files has adapted to use a simple and clean layout using Pagelines, which is based off on Twitter’s Bootstrap.

Welcome 2017! Reimarufiles has updated to a new theme, complete with a new focus on content!


The newest logo for Reimaru Files
The newest logo for Reimaru Files

Since starting from a one-man team of writers, Reimarufiles is now led by:

The Content Team


Chad is the founder of The Reimaru Files all the way back in the Blogspot days. He once worked as a Game Master, Game Analyst, Game Tester/Content Writer then became a Product Manager for an online game in several MMO publishers.  He wrote initially about his experiences in the game Granado Espada, up until he started to write more about other games on portable platforms, then after that, he is also covering events such as from Anime, Gaming and Tech Conventions/ Events/ Exhibits in which he produces videos of the post-events. After growing his site, he migrated the site to its dedicated hosting. You can contact Chad at chad@reimarufiles.com

Twitter: http://twitter.com/reimaru
Facebook: http://facebook.com/reimaru


Joan is a writer, gamer, photographer, model(-ish), travel/anime/music/movie aficionado, among others. She writes for Reimaru Files every now and then until she can finally update her own [molding] blog, thekreviews.blogspot.com. While currently working as a Product Officer for a Telecommunications company, she is also pursuing her continuously evolving dreams to become a sports TV host, fashion guru, jet-setter millionaire and an awesome pop rockstar (or not). You can contact Joan at joan@reimarufiles.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Hello.Joan


Ana is a graphic designer, photographer, and a member of RF’s videography team. Her day job concludes to working in an events management company while doing product reviews, event coverage, and a bit of designing work for RF.  She is now currently reviving her skills as a photographer and also gaining new skills as a videographer. You can contact Ana at ana@media-index.net


A young fellow who loves open world video games, action RPGs and FPS games. He’s also immersed in the field of Professional Competitive Gaming, covering competitions, and providing live commentaries. Aside from writing articles and helping in coverage of events, he also takes care of 2 guinea pigs, talks to himself and enjoys munchies. You can contact Louis at ldtandres@gmail.com

Facebook: http://facebook.com/ldtandres


The Website Team


Technical. Creative. Primary content guy and designer for . Founder of  . Formerly known as GM Persona during a brief stint in IP E-Games.

Currently, Alex manages the backend of the Media Index Group, along with the design, planning, and development. Also provides photography backup in case a big event comes up. Uses an old NikonD3100, a trusty pal for almost a decade.

Contact: alex@reimarufiles.com, dc@sei.moe
Personal Website: https://sei.moe
Twitter: http://twitter.com/DotCrosse
Facebook: https://facebook.com/dotcrosse


Krisel has been writing game guides, anime and game reviews, and random quirks for more than five years. Started out as a volunteer game correspondent for an online gaming publisher, she has written gaming articles, handled live and in-game events, patch content information, and the like, and has shared it with fellow gamers through blogs and community forums. Krisel is currently working as a Lead Game Master for an American gaming company, and has been hopping in from one hobby to another: online and console gaming, anime, manga, web design, and writing. Also writing for Sakura Index as a contributor. Knows Japanese, Korean (reading Hangul, at the very least), English, Filipino and Symphonian. Will write articles for good food.

Facebook: http://facebook.com/althaea.d.fergion
Twitter: @difergion
Google +: http://gplus.to/althaea
Instagram: difergion

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