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5 Things We Want to See at Toycon 2017

Toycon is just around the corner, and while there aren’t any new info on what to expect inside, we thought of compiling 5 things that we really wanted to see as well as the toy collectors at the said event. On our list, we are focusing on one thing that majority of the fans go

Our Character Wishlist for Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite

When you hear Marvel versus Capcom, you think of epic matches between the two universe’s greatest heroes and villains. Now with their newest installation, Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinity, we can begin to speculate and hope that our favorite characters from both franchises make it.

BREGZagu Filez: Reviewing Project Xandata at PGF 2017

Local first-person shooter (FPS) Project Xandata unveiled its first Public Alpha at last year’s Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit (ESGS), impressing con-goers with an experience that looked well beyond its alpha stages of development. The game’s developers at Secret 6, Inc. have been teasing more and more of its progress, giving us a Second Public