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Indigo Games Launches ‘Garrison: Archangel’ Greenlight Campaign

Written by Ry Canteras, you can tweet Ry if you want to reach him on twitter @sabao72 Praise Cheesus. We at Reimaru Files love us some splodin’ mecha action, so when a local game studio tells us they’re making a mecha brawler, you’d best believe we’re all over it. Flying under most people’s radars last

Lithium City ESGS 2016 Impressions

ESGS 2016 was full of gamers, the games they play and the game developers behind them. While many were impressed and happy to try the games of major sponsors, there were quite a few gems that many would recommend playing by the independent developers. One such game would be the one developed by Nico Tuason,

Pitting Against Filipino Heroes in Bayani: Kanino Ka Kakampi?

During the three days of ESGS 2016 Ranida Games featured several of their developed titles, one of them caught the attention of many, and that would be their original fighting game called ‘Bayani: Kanino Ka Kakampi?’. With two fighter sticks and a huge display making a welcoming sight for any onlookers, everyone was excited to