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Quick Combat Guide: Tales of Berseria

Tales of Berseria is here to carry on the series and to the delight of many the new battle system seems to be leaps of improvement from its predecessor. So now’s a great time to pick up the title if you ever had any interest. It is not without challenges and perhaps some of you

Tips to Play: Tales of Berseria

Tales of Berseria is out and in case you missed the memo a lot of people have been enjoying the title immensely, myself included. Having a refreshing spin on who you are and how you take part in the story, a colorful supporting cast, and a simplified and effective combat system all contribute to a

Tips to Play: Final Fantasy XV

The Long Awaited game of Square Enix’s most popular franchise is finally here. Waiting for around a decade was well worth it for fans of the series, exploring the game was tremendous that some players might be having a hard time on which part to start. So it is time that we put up a

How Not to Become a Douchebag at The Manila Majors

  Once again, Dota is the talk of the town among gaming fans with the Manila Majors happening this week. The event is so hyped that the tickets were sold out within a few hours of them being available for sale! Everyone who cares a little bit about Dota wants to be a part of