Cougar Reveals New Products at Computex 2024

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June 6, 2024

COUGAR’s next generation of gear takes center stage at COMPUTEX, where they present the latest advancements in PC components and gaming chairs.


FV270 – Through A Glass Brightly

Transparency and brilliance are at the core of the FV270’s design, featuring a polyhedral, tempered curved glass perimeter. The unobstructed view of the interior lets the world see your building not only as it is, but all that you imagine it to be.

The innovative angled cooling fan placements and a lifted front panel enhance airflow, drawing in cold currents from below for optimal cooling. Cable management is seamless, hiding cable clutter behind the motherboard with reverse routing. Supporting E-ATX motherboards and GPUs up to 420mm with horizontal and vertical mounting options, custom build potential for the FV270 is limitless. Easily removable filters guarantee protection from dust, and an optional illuminated rotating platform showcases your collectibles, putting a literal spin on conventional panoramic case design and making your PC a personal statement.


MX600 Mini RGB – Maximum Cool. Minimum Size

The MX600 Mini RGB pioneers the integration of twin 160mm fans within a mini tower with the option to expand to a total of 10 fans, packing formidable cooling power into a space-efficient package. The sloped airflow ramp directs smoother airflow, while square perforations on the front panel increase airflow by 11% compared to circular designs. This advanced ventilation system, supplemented by support for a top 360mm water cooling radiator, inoculates the MX600 Mini RGB against the escalating temperatures of modern, graphics-intensive gaming. A GPU capacity of up to 380mm makes the MX600 Mini RGB capable of housing high-performance builds without being hostage to its compact size. Compatibility with reverse connector motherboards eliminates cable clutter, and the integrated universal fan hub enables seamless coordination of PWM fan speed and RGB lighting, allowing you to control the lighting without software or synchronize it with motherboard software.


Airfare ECO – Green is the New Cool

The Airface Eco is designed with a focus on eco-efficiency. Coned vents taper inwards from a wide opening, leveraging thermodynamic principles to lower the airflow temperature funneled through the front panel significantly. Supplemented by dual 180mm PWM fans, maximizing cooling at no additional energy cost reduces environmental impact and ecological footprint.

Features such as the quick-slide dust filter, removable top panel and detachable front brackets have been ported to the Airface Eco based on the proven strengths of the Duoface Pro; we’ve also listened constructively to feedback and upgraded accordingly, including new vertical GPU space to allow unobstructed cooling and increased cable routing. Additionally, a modular front I/O allows for versatile placement options so that all your ports and buttons are easily accessed regardless of the case’s orientation.


Speeder – Fast Is A State Of Mind

Gaming and work areas often overlap in modern living spaces: the Speeder is designed with this versatility in mind. Inspired by the world of racing, its sleek frame rolls the aesthetic flair of a performance car chassis into the room, and its ergonomic features help you maintain a healthy posture whether you’re racing against the clock at crunch time or seizing that in-game clutch moment.

Chenille Yarn mesh provides tactile comfort, while precisely tunable backrest height, lumbar and seat depth ensure a perfect fit. 3D Hyperrotation armrests rotate within a 225° range, allowing multiple positions whether you’re on mobile, console, or reclining. The Speeder supports your body to keep your hands and mind agile, so when it comes down to the wire, you can work fast…and play hard.


Defensor – Your First Line of Defense

The Defensor guards the health of your back, enabling you to game harder for longer. Its integrated PushBack advanced lumbar support system lets you control just the right amount of pressure applied to your lower back, preserving the natural curve of your spine. The 4D folding armrests – developed for the COUGAR x VCT 2024 gaming chair and tested in the esports arena – offer optimal arm support but can be fully folded back to clear space for unhindered movement. High-density molding foam and a magnetic memory foam neck pillow prioritize your comfort. The chair also features a back pocket for additional storage and a Vortex aluminum base with extra-size wheels for guaranteed stability.

The Defensor is available in three upholstery choices: premium Hyper-Dura leatherette, woven fabric, and imitation linen.


E-Odyssey – Fusing Classic Style With Modern Functionality

The wood-textured desktop surface radiates timeless elegance, without compromising its highly technical functionality: dual electric motors adjust the desk to your preferred height with two memory settings for convenience. (For safety, a brake immediately engages, halting movement upon detecting a collision.) The drawer doubles as an ergonomic armrest and storage unit for comfort and utility. A pegboard module offers versatile storage and display options, with two additional side platforms spaced for a perfect stereo experience, making them ideal for speaker placement


SC140 – Infinity Mirror Illuminated Modular Fan

Modular fans are the way of the future: the quick-release connection system enables easy daisy chaining for rapid, hassle-free assembly. Enhanced Airflow Channels improve efficiency and reduce noise by separating airflow into minimal streams; the infinity mirror design delivers dynamic lighting effects, complemented by an LED trim creating a continuous outline.

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