Explore the Nameless City in the Latest Update to PSO2 NEW GENESIS ver.2

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June 21, 2024

SEGA added Nameless City Exploration, a new quest type, and even more new content to PSO2 NEW GENESIS ver.2 in the newest update released on June 5, 2024.


New Story Chapter


Progress in Leciel’s Investigation yields the discovery of a new area: Nameless City! The protagonists are then called by Crawford to meet Pharia, who seems… off? Big revelations and new mysteries await in the latest story update!


Explore the Nameless City in a New Quest Type!

In the all-new Nameless City Exploration quest type, you’ll be given a time limit to explore every nook and cranny of the mysterious new field Nameless City. Your goal is simple: collect rewards by gaining Exploration Points and unlocking chests!

There are a few types of chests, such as chests that can only be opened once a day and others that offer randomized rewards. Opening chests requires Exploration Points, which can be acquired by defeating enemies, completing trials, and collecting Unlock Signs. The Unlock Sign Collection trial will occur periodically, spawning Unlock Signs all over the field, giving you a fantastic opportunity to amass a huge number of Exploration Points. The more points a chest requires, the rarer the loot! You’ll need to be careful, however, as your defense will be reduced depending on how many Exploration Points you hold, and you’ll lose points if you’re incapacitated.

In Nameless City, keep on the lookout for dangerous new foes, such as powerful Starless boss enemies.

A number of objects have been scattered throughout the map to boost your mobility! Take a Dash Booster to speed up and power up your Dash Attack, or use a Vertical Lifter to leap to the rooftops and glide across the map!

The Nameless City Residential District Investigation quest also introduces the new 11-star rarity Eredim weapon series. These weapons increase PP Recovery and Photon Blast Gauge when attacking, and have a Potential that increases the critical rate. Moreover, they always drop with 3 types of EX Augments affixed. The EX Augments carry unique effects, so be sure to tailor them to your playstyle!

Limited-Time Tasks and Title Tasks will be available for the Nameless City Residential District Investigation quest! Upon clearing them, you can earn N-Master Cubes and N-Augment Transfer Pass Vouchers, so make the most of this opportunity!



The Level Cap Has Been Raised!

Each class’s maximum level is now 90, allowing you to take on even harder quests and foes.


Updates to the Fighter Class

Following the changes made to the Gunner class in January, the next class we’re revamping is Fighter. Alongside a number of balancing adjustments, new Class Skills and updated Effects will allow you to battle more stylishly than ever!

There will also be a Gear up your Class! Special Campaign in conjunction with this update. Limited-time Tasks will be released for the Fighter and Gunner classes, which will let you earn phantastic rewards, such as SG Legacy Coordination Badges or TA Customization Disc X.


ARKS Records Underway!

A class-specific ARKS Records will be held for Fighters in Fleeting Fight: Solo (Rank 2). Test your might with the renewed Fighter!

At the same time, an ARKS Records for the Field Race North Aelio Board (Stage 1): Solo will also be held for all classes.


New theme for Creative Space

Creative Space is getting a new Far Eastern Theme, featuring cherry blossoms and a sea of clouds! Transform the islands into your own paradise amidst the clouds!

In addition, the new Japona Build Parts series will be available. These Build Parts will allow you to construct Japanese-style buildings. Purchase them with your Genesis Points to add a historical touch to your island!

Furthermore, the Link Teleporter will also be added as a special Build Part. By registering the ID number of a Creative Space to the Link Teleporter, you’ll be able to travel directly to it! With this Build Part, you can separate the inside and outside of a building into different spaces, or even use it as a portal to invite your friends to your favorite spaces! The teleporters can also be assigned to an Alliance Space!

Moreover, Genesis Points will now be rewarded for completing the Creative Space Limited-Time Tasks. Utilize these points to pick up a Link Teleporter or spruce up your Creative Space!

Finally, this update also lets players enter Premium and Rental Creative Spaces, even if the Space has expired! Please bear in mind that if you’d like to edit a Space in any way, including the Shared Area settings, the usage requirements must first be renewed.


Various Improvements and New Features

  • Augment Transfers – Two new Augment Transfer features will be added to the Item Lab.

The Augment Transfer feature allows you to transfer all Augments, including empty slots and EX Augments. Augments can be transferred from one weapon to another, or from one armor to another, regardless of the series or weapon type. The only prerequisite is that the number of the Augment slots for the material item must be the same or less than the number of slots for the base item.

The EX Augment Transfer feature, on the other hand, will only transfer EX Augments. These can be transferred when the base item and the material item have the same number of EX Augments. However, please note that the EX Augments affixed to the material item will be lost.

There are also weapon series, such as the Eredim weapons, that won’t consume special Augment transfer items when used as the material item.

  • Auto Sell Equipment with Augments – A “With Augments” option has been added to the settings for Auto Sell Drop Items. If you turn the option on, items that you pick up with Augments will also be automatically sold. Additionally, if items are selected under Items That Can be Auto Sold settings, those items will now be sold automatically without regard to the Rarity levels and other options selected in the settings.
  • New ARKS ID Backdrops – You can now add Pharia and Zephetto to the backdrop of your ARKS ID! To unlock them, you’ll need a certain number of Title Points.
  • Even More Looks Premium Slots – Premium Users now have 20 more Premium slots for Looks, allowing them to use up to 50 slots when customizing their appearance! Try experimenting with lots of different outfits in your next photo-op!


Tasks for New and Returning Players Have Been Revamped

Limited-Time Tasks to encourage new and returning players have been updated. Get 9-star Rarity weapons from the Argenkul series enhanced to Lv. +90 and with Augments affixed, as well as 7-star armor, when your Class Level reaches Lv. 65! Once you get them, test them out on some high-level quests like Nameless City Exploration!


New Special Scratch

Campaign Period: From the end of the scheduled maintenance on 6/5/2024 (Wed) (JST)

A portion of the Spring ’24 Special Scratch lineup has been added to the Special Scratch lineup. If you missed out on any of these items earlier in the year, now’s your chance!


New AC Scratch Ticket: Bridal Fantasia

Campaign Period: From the end of scheduled maintenance on 6/5/2024 (Wed) (JST) until 7/3/2024 (Wed) 11:00 AM (JST)

The AC Scratch Ticket: Bridal Fantasia will feature fantasy adventure gear and wedding dress-themed wear. Be sure to check out the full lineup of items! You’ll also be able to get Motion Change items like MTN: IdleAirsoft EX and MTN: Dash – Airsoft EX and as a Scratch Count Bonus!

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