AMD’s New Graphics Architecture for Virtually Unlimited Workloads

Today AMD (NASDAQ: AMD) unveiled preliminary details of its forthcoming GPU architecture, Vega. Conceived and executed over 5 years, Vega architecture enables new possibilities in PC gaming, professional design and machine intelligence that traditional GPU architectures have not been able to address effectively. Data-intensive

AMD Will Be Getting AM4 Motherboards Ready for Ryzen

Following global excitement generated by the reveal of new technology and performance details of upcoming AMD Ryzen™ high-performance desktop processors, AMD (NASDAQ: AMD) today 16 cutting-edge high-performance AM4 motherboards from five manufacturers. In addition, AMD exhibited Ryzen processor-based “extreme performance” PC designs from 17

What we know about the Nintendo Switch: Hardware

With the live Nintendo Switch Press Conference over and done, we have compiled a list of the important details that are worth knowing. The Switch will be released in less than two months away, on March 3rd, 2017, worldwide. The two known Switch launch

Nintendo Switch’s Games For 2017 Revealed

With the Nintendo Switch press conference over and done with, we have a lot of information about a whole lot of games. I’ll be linking trailers when possible in the text for each game, or at least a text confirmation or tweet. 1-2 Switch: