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Behold the Return Of The Forces in MapleSEA

  Asiasoft Online (“Asiasoft”) announces the official launch of Return of the Forces content update. It is a much awaited content update featuring a major skills overhaul, revamped maps and party quests, as well as new Boss monsters that seeks to challenge the limits of players in MapleSEA!   “The Return of the Forces is

Weapons of War New Patch & Inter-server War

  Weapons of War just updated its latest cash lotto the Kung Paw Lotto. Yes, it’s Kung Paw because inside the lotto you can get a chance to win a Kung Paw Tiger Pet that will make you quicker and stronger! Summon this cute feline and it will greatly aid you in battle as it

Granado Espada v2.4 is coming

the new patch for Granado Espada is coming this december 20 the v2.4 patch is a combination of Bahmar Witches and Bahia Island patch and expect alot of new features and costumes (the bikinis!!) there will be new RNPCs too and a anti-bot program that can put botters to jail (yipeee!!) here’s a video of