Knight Slinger Journeys to the West

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January 26, 2017


Legends can be made in mere moments. GAMEVIL’s Knight Slinger has released its newest update which adds a notable amount of new warriors as well as a new game mode in celebration of Lunar New Year’s. The warriors are based off the popular Chinese novel “Journey to the West,” a story that is beloved for its fantastical characters and plot. Along with these additions are major improvements in Duel Arena, Siege Battle, and UI.

‘Journey to the West’ Warriors – A total of seven new warriors were added. For a limited time, players can have an increased rate of recruiting the new warriors through the separate recruitment banner. Some of the warriors include:

  • Sun Wukong – The king of the apes, Sun Wukong is as skillful as he is arrogant. His nearly immortal status almost makes up for his lack of manners (Fire Spearman).
  • Sha Wujing – The menace Sha Wujing gave up her ways of bothering travelers while hiding in a river of sand. Commanded by the Goddess of Mercy, she waits for the one destined to retrieve the truth (Light Tanker)
  • Xuanzang – The leader of the group, Xuanzang’s mission has become bigger than himself. Anyone who can make even Sun Wukong follow him has to be scary indeed (Dark Magician)
  • Zhu Bajie – Underneath the clumsy and undisciplined personality of Zhu Baije lies a highly skilled warrior. Baije usually stops complaining once he gets his first love: food (Wood Cannoneer).

Divine Dungeon – Participate in the limited time dungeon to collect pieces in order to recruit the powerful ‘Journey to the West’ characters! Higher difficulties give better rewards. Will you be able to conquer them all and obtain Niu Mowang?

Duel Arena and Siege Battle Improvements – Not only can players obtain larger Starble rewards based on the revised score system in Duel Arena, but they can also participate in the new ‘Limitless’ game mode, which lets Adventurers battle with no restrictions. Be warned though; you may still face stiff competition! Siege Battle also includes a ‘Revenge’ feature, which lets adventurers gain back their honor on those foes that took over their rank.

Other improvements in the update include a cleaner UI interface when selecting stages in Adventure, Elemental Dungeons and Divine Dungeon. Players can also see more information before choosing a stage.



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