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New MMO FPS Teaser

  It looks like a new challenger has entered the FPS warzone in the Philippines. Cubizone Philippines has just launch a new teaser site for their upcoming FPS game, as of this moment, no other info was provided but only the silhouette of the characters.  Meanwhile, the Official Facebook page of Cubizone Philippines has updated their cover

Forbidden Kingdom Character Revealed

  Cubizone Philippines unveiled a teaser site for their upcoming MMO Forbidden Kingdom and it is scheduled to open its servers early this year. Developed by XiaoYou Information Tech, Forbidden Kingdom Online is based on the Journey to the West classic novel in China, the game will be a full 3D MMORPG with a fast

A Very Secret Surprise

Looks like there’s a very special surprise for players who played God of War 3 in the PlayStation 3 console. Players who earned a Platinum Trophy in the game gives them a very interesting reward: a link to a secret page, with the link entitled “Spartans Stand Tall”. For now, the teaser site only reveals

Another Metal Gear Solid Teaser and then Finally..

Continuing the update on my previous post. After the countdown reached zero on Hideo Kojima’s teaser website, another countdown appeared and this time the counter is set on 120 hours and it’s set on the date on the Electronic Entertainment Expo or E3. You can also notice new letters appearing on the screen such as