Aika Global Unleashes First Major Patch


Well it’s been a long time since I post news and updates for MMO games, so it’s time to dust off the MMO section 😀

First off, a new major patch for Aika Global; which is published by Redbana Philippines, has arrived. It offers more dungeons, monsters, items and an increased level cap.
  • The level cap in Aika has been increased from 60 to 70, giving players another round of race of the strongest.
  • Players who reached level 61 will get 12 status points and 2 status points when you reached level 62.
  • A new area, Termes, is now accessible for high level players.
  • New monsters ranges from level 60 to 70 have begun lurking in the area, giving players more monsters to hunt.
  • New equipments, weapons and armors for level 65 such as Honor gears are now available as well as level 64 Superior equipments.
  • New skills for each class at levels 61, 65 and 69.
For more details on the update, you check out Aika Global’s update page.
You can try the game by visiting their Official Website
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