Event Aftermath: EA Arena

Last Sunday, Datablitz and Cyberzone recently held EA Arena, a gaming event at SM Annex, SM North. EA Arena offered freeplay of some of Electronic Arts’ (EA) best selling games for different consoles (PS3, Xbox 360, Wii and PC) which includes NBA Jam and Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, they also held the game launch of Dead Space 2, the sequel to the top rated Sci-Fi Horror game. There were booths from Razer, Cooling Master, Asus and Lenovo that showcased some of their latest products for gaming.

It’s the first time I played the Dead Space game, and it was great, the suspense of the dark, creepy environment really intensified the gameplay experience, as well as having powerful weaponries. I’d probably buy a copy of Dead Space 2 and also the first Dead Space game this February.
You can check out the trailer to get the idea on how scary Dead Space 2 is:

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