Geek Talk: Loki Heart

Written by Chad

February 22, 2011

We’ll be introducing a new section for the Reimaru Files, called Geek Talk. For this new section, we will be interviewing people from the gaming/anime/hobby world and find out more about them, from their success stories, most memorable moments and more.
For our first interview, we have a cosplayer who also has a business in creating and designing costumes for cosplayers, talk about best of both worlds.
Name: Kimberly Empestan
Nickname: LOKI / Kim
Occupation: Registered Nurse / ESL teacher for Koreans / Amateur Designer / Shop Owner
Favorite anime: Rurouni Kenshin
Favorite game: Final Fantasy Series
Cosplay debut:
  • 2010 June Toycon as Ragnarok Online’s Archbishop
  • July 2010 KPOP Convention as Sunny [trio villains in ShinHwa]
  • December 2010 XMAS Toycon as Uzumaki Kushina Shinobi Version


What inspired you to do cosplay and to become a cosplay costume maker?



– Before i started cosplaying, i begun as a costume maker. I never had the guts to wear costumes in public then. After almost a year of costume making i began to wonder why i don’t lose customers? It’s because i have learned that cosplay is very rampant in monthly conventions. I was quite surprised to know that cosplay in the Philippines is like a whole-year event. So i decided to try it to see why a lot of people are addicted in cosplaying.. so there, after the experience of cosplaying way back June 2010 i also got addicted as well. I can’t say why but the feeling is really good because i can wear my creation in public.


Do your cosplays have a particular theme to them?



– So far no. I vary my theme all the time, i don’t stick to one genre. As you can observe, I started cosplaying a game character then i cosplayed a Korean Drama character, and lastly a manga character.


Do you have a character you’ve always wanted to cosplay?



– YES! but it’s a secret 🙂


What was your most memorable cosplay moment?



– It was during my first cosplay experience as an Archbishop way back 2010.


Have you attended/planning to attend a cosplay competition?



– I plan to be more active in the cosplay community this year, i already have 7 costumes in line for various conventions that i plan to attend this year, 2 costumes are almost finished so i have to make 5 more for myself. talk about major bankruptcy in my savings. hahaha. But i don’t plan to compete yet… i might but not this year. I still need to polish my skills in costume making before i can proudly compete sometime in the future.


What are the best things about being involved in the cosplay world and in making cosplay costumes?



– The best thing there is in costume making is that i have a part of myself in every costume i make. As you can see i do the patterns of the costumes then i have a seamstress who puts them altogether but she can’t do so if i don’t give her my patterns. I also do the detailing in embroideries and accessories so it’s really painstaking to do complicated costumes since i am the one who always does the finishing touches. I know how to sew but i don’t have time to really study sewing in a formal way so i have a seamstress who does that for me. We work as a team. The best thing there is to be involved in the cosplay world is that i get to meet new friends.


Which was the most difficult character you’ve cosplayed/created so far?



– None since my costumes have been very simple so far.


What are your future plans for your cosplay career/business?



– I don’t wish to be known as a cosplayer… i wish to be known as a good costume maker.


What do you think a cosplayer should pay attention to while cosplaying?



– As a cosplayer i think they should be more particular with the character’s personality. When they pose they should embody the character’s usual expressions so that they can look believable. It’s the cosplayers’ role to make their characters come to life.


Any advise/tips that you can share to people who wants to enter the cosplay world/costume making?



– Be particular in details and accuracy. If have both then you’d definitely have a kick-ass cosplay.
Also be sure to check out her website at for details on how to request for costume commissions, and don’t forget to like her Fan Page.
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    thanks for the feature, it touched my heart <3 – LOKI

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