Event Aftermath: T3Fun Press Launch 2011

Written by Chad

February 27, 2011


T3Fun, along with Redbana Philippines, has officially announced their release of two of their major MMORPGs and invited bloggers and some of the press media for the press launch at the Oakwood Premiere last February 26, 2011 at around 2PM. The two MMORPG that they announced were Aika Online and CardMon Hero; both were developed by Hanbitsoft.



The press launch was kick started by DJ Sky of 99.5 RT (and also Playboy PH April 2010 Playmate) along with the introduction by Mr. Taesun An; one of the big officials of T3Fun, about their company and their goals.
After the introduction, the GMs of T3Fun showed their presentation of the two MMORPGs, here’s a brief infromation about the games:
Aika Online
  • Offers 6 different job classes
  • Pran System: a pet-like system that assists players in their adventure
  • Nation War 1000 Vs 1000: able to wage war with large number of characters
  • Castle Siege battles
  • Can be played even on low spec computers
  • Free to play
CarMon Hero
  • Summoning System: Mercenaries can be summoned during battle to assist players
  • Role Distribution System: Able to command Mercenaries to do different roles in certain situations
  • Card Combination System: Combining different kinds of mercenary cards can unlock a new kind of card at your disposal.
  • Extensive Hunting Mode: Instance missions where players can hunt for stronger monsters for high experience points and rare items
  • Extensive Quests
  • Free to play
After the presentation they showed off their cosplayers from the CardMon Hero game. I managed to chat with some of the people at T3Fun and they mentioned that they will be planning to put up events and free play programs to iCafes to hype the game in the Philippines, and they also planning to release new games this year (hopefully they will also release Mythos this year, let’s hope).
I’ll be preparing for a Carmon Hero review in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for that one. For more information about the games, you can visit their website:
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