X-Men Anime Unveiled

Written by Chad

March 3, 2011

Japanese television network Animax has just revealed that they will be airing an anime version of the X-Men and it will be produced by Madhouse Studios (famous for their works such as Death Note, Claymore and Trigun)
The character designs were based on the New X-Men and Astonishing X-Men comic line. The story is set after Jean Grey’s death and also after the disbandment of the X-Men. But after a distress call coming from Hisako Ichiki (aka Armor) was received, Professor X reunited the X-Men once again and head to Japan where they will also encounter a group of supremacist called the U-Men.
The X-Men will premiere on April 1 on Animax, they also launched the Iron Man and Wolverine series a few months ago (Wolverine is still being aired at Animax)

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