Dragon Age 2 is Out with Free Goodies

Written by Chad

March 8, 2011


The most awaited sequel to the hit RPG by Bioware has finally arrived, Dragon Age 2 is now available at your nearest game shop. For those who already purchased or planning to purchase the game, here are some of the goodies that you will going to get:
There are more famous swords than you could count, there are helms beyond numbering, and there are breastplates, daggers, and even mystical footwear that roll immediately off the tongue. There are storied rings, gloves, and even bags invoked around a camp’s common fire. But belts? There are very few noteworthy belts. Until now.
+1 armor
+138 fire resistance
+138 nature resistance
Enemies drop better equipment
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Staff of Parthalan
Magic has always run strongly within the Hawke bloodline. The tales passed down from one generation to the next tell of an ancestor named Parthalan, a mage who long ago helped to unite Ferelden under the rule of King Calenhad. Parthalan eventually vanished into legend, fleeing the persecution of the Chantry, but his legacy remains in the hands of his family– along with his hope that one day mages would achieve the freedom that Calenhad intended to bring to all men.
Staff – 22 fire damage (30dps)
Rune slot
+2 magic
+24 mana/stamina
+13% fire damage
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Boots of the Frozen Wastes
Ice dwellers came across these long forgotten boots whilst boring their way through frozen mountains. Most debris and items that they came across were encased in a tomb of ice but the boots were found inside a cavernous ice cave that formed itself around these ice resisting boots.
38 armor (any)
Rune slot
+304 cold resistance
*Register your copy of Dragon Age 2.
Hayder’s Razor
Hayders Razor – The ruined tunnels of the Deep Roads loom in the imaginations of Kirkwall’s surface dwellers. Tales of riches and ancient relics abound, but only a handful who dared venture into the shadowy depths have actually returned. Of those who have, fewer still tell of it.
Greatsword – 18 physical damage (30dps)
Rune slot
+24 health
+24 mana/stamina
5% chance to knock back
*Complete the Dragon Age 2 Demo.
Ser Isaac’s Armor
The chilling tales of Ser Isaac of Clarke are a favorite of bards performing in the wee hours of the night. In dank taverns throughout Thedas, these horror-filled stories captivate listeners and bring nightmares to those faint of heart.
Ser Isaac’s Helm
Rune Slot
Increases armor
Critical damage factor
Requires high dexterity and cunning
Ser Isaac’s Armor
Heavy Armor
Rune slot
Increases armor
Requires high dexterity and cunning
Ser Isaac’s Gauntlets
Increases armor
Requires high dexterity and cunning
Ser Isaac’s Boots
Increases armor
Requires high dexterity and cunning
*Enter the code found in your Dead Space 2 box on the BioWare Social site to grant this entitlement.
The Far Cliffs of Kirkwall
Written by a Fereldan refugee as she fled the Blight, this book of poems describes her dreams of a new start in Kirkwall, the city across the sea. Readers will surely be enriched by her insights.
Gives 5g when picked up
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But wait there’s more!!…you can check the other items at the Dragon Age website
Also, players who pre-ordered the game or purchased earlier will get a free DLC
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