Dragon Age 2: Getting that Champion Armor

Written by Chad

March 22, 2011

Still playing Dragon Age 2 and still haven’t completed the whole Champion Armor (the armor you saw at the trailer/opening of the game) for Hawke? Well worry not as we will be giving you a little guide on where to get the complete Champion Armor set.


A little warning though, as there will be some hint of spoilers in this guide, so you can skip this guide and come back later…
The Stat Requirements:
Warrior: 31 Strength. 31 Constitution.
Rogue: 31 Dexterity. 31 Cunning.
Mage: 31 Magic. 31 Willpower.
Acquiring the Set parts:
(Take note that these can be acquired in Act 3)
Gauntlets of The Champion: You get them automatically in act 3.
Cuirass/Robe/Body armor of The Champion: Defeat the High Dragon in the “Mine Massacre” quest.
Boots of The Champion: Automatically after talking to Huon in the main story quest “On The Loose”.
Helm of The Champion: From Grace in the “Best Served Cold” quest.
Method of obtaining them is the same for all classes (Mage, Rouge, Warrior) in Dragon Age 2.
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