New Updates for Street Fighter x Tekken

Can’t get enough of cross over fighting games? Well guess what, there’s some more for you to feast on, as Capcom just release the trailer for their new upcoming fighting game title Street Fighter x Tekken. Yes you heard that right, the popular fighting game from Namco has also joined the battle.
Previously announced at the San Diego Comic Con last year, Capcom and Namco has teamed up to create two fighting games that featured both of their most favorite franchises. But Capcom will first release their collaboration that will feature the game engine of Street Fighter, and at the same time will create new move sets for Tekken fighters so the characters will adapt to the SF’s game engine.
From the new sets of trailer, it featured the tag-team system similar to Tekken Tag Tournament, and a couple of Tekken’s and Street Fighter’s heavy hitters were shown at the trailer. So let’s take a look at the trailers:

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