Enigma Online now in Open Beta

Written by Chad

April 14, 2011

Run Up Philippines has just announced that their new MMORPG Enigma Online is now in Open Beta. Enigma Online is a martial arts-inspired 3D MMORPG which offers a rich storyline and quests as well as a dynamic battle system and battle special effects.
Enigma Online has four different clans to choose from with different attributes, it also offers mini-games to give you a little break on the intense gaming.

To celebrate the Open Beta Launch, Run Up Philippines will host a series of events for the players:


Gang Race


Compose of 3 participants per guild.
The GM will announce in-game if the event is open for registration.
The location of the starting point of the race will be announced by the GM.
Locate the GM for the registration and for the final briefing of the race (the finish point will also be included on the briefing)
The goal is to survive and finish the race with your guild mates.
Prize: 500 Ancient Coins


Fb Brain Teaser


Like the official Fanpage of Enigma on Facebook (www.facebook.com/enigmaonline)
The GM will announce in-game if the FB event is about to start.
The first player to comment the correct answer on the posted IQ Test on FB will win.
The voucher (prize) will be given by the GM in-game.
Prize: Potion Package


Enigma sa tag-init (Summer Theme Screenshot)


Take your best screenshots in-game with the summer theme.
The GMs will open a thread in Enigma Forums where gamers can post their screenshot with the summer theme effect.
Post 1 screenshot in the official event forum thread with your character name.
The winner will be determined by the GM Votes and will be announced in-game and in our forums.
Prize: 500 Ancient Coins (through voucher)


Finding “Master Cyrus”


The GM will announce in-game if the event is about to start.
The GM will announce the clue on where “Master Cyrus” can be found.
Look for “Master Cyrus” and trade him to win a prize.
Prize: Potion Package


Clash of the Clans


Who’s going to dominate?! What clan should be feared the most?! Prove that you’re the best in your clan and defeat the other representatives of each clan. Gain the respect and be the best of the best!
Prize: 500 Ancient Coins
You register for the Open Beta at this link: http://www.runup.com.ph/register/register.php
Don’t forget to like them on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/enigmaonline
and join their discussion on their official forum: http://enigmaforum.letsmmo.com/
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