Commando Mobile Game Review

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May 1, 2011

If you are looking for a good action game with choppers, you might opt to try Commando, which is now available at Smart.
One look at Commando and you’ll see that it is quite similar to those classic 16-bit chopper action games, namely the Desert Strike, Jungle Strike games, where these games are in an isometric view. Since Commando is a mobile game, it will be in top view rather than the isometric one.
In Commando, you are in a mission to reach the terrorist base and stop them from launching an atomic weapon within two days. You are armed with the state of the art helicopter, your missions ranged from eliminating terrorists to destroying vehicles and strategic structures.
The controls are a bit of a challenge to use in the first try, pressing 4 or 5 moves your chopper’s direction either to the left or to the right, the 2 and 8 moves your chopper forward or backward, pressing 5 will fire your machine guns. You would notice the difference in the controls if you are a fan of the class desert strike series.
Enemies will have life bars on their head when you attack them, and it will take a few hits before you can take them down. You have 2 bars that you need to keep an eye on; the armor and the fuel, your armor gets depleted when you take damage from enemies, once it reaches zero, it’s game over, fuel gradually decreases whenever you move your chopper, you can replenish your fuel from fuel barrels scattered around the area.
The graphics is quite good, although the resolution size is a bit small as the game was designed from older cellphone models, so if you played this on a latest cellphone model, it might be a bit pixelated but still playable. Animations are quite good for a small game.
Commando is a game worth trying for your mobile phones if you are looking for classic helicopter action games. And Commando is now available at Smart; you can download now at
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