Codemasters and Epic Games Hacked

Written by Alex Neri

June 11, 2011


    Following the fiasco by Sony’s PSN Codemasters and Epic Games servers are hacked, having their customer data exposed to the world on June 10 and 8, 2011, respectively.

    On an email published on the

Sophos Naked Security blog

    , a breach was detected last June 3 and the perpetrator spirited away sensitive and private customer data including date of birth, address, contact numbers, gamer tags and encrypted passwords. In the email, Codemasters had advised everyone to change their passwords. How effective will this be is questionable though, since the hackers have detailed info (most sites require the same personal data to change the passwords, or send an email with the ‘forget password’ option). Codemasters brought down their site on maintenance in an attempt to beef up their security, for fear that the hackers might be able to get in again.


    Maybe they’re playing it down?

    Epic Games on the other hand, have already brought their site up back online. how they were able to address the issue and what was the status of the said accounts aren’t announced on their site yet though (as of this writing). The customer data was posted on a pastebin. The news of this hack was posted on the Hacker News.


    A screenshot of the pastebin data.

    The aforementioned pastebin has been taken down or deleted already.

    Apparently what both companies are confident about is that credit card information was not taken along with the related customer data. Regardless of this claim, it is advised for everyone who have registered their account or who have left their credit card information with them check up with their bank and make sure that there will be no purchases done with their information.


    Though gamers try to look at the bright side of things, the situation still looks grim.

    It seems that the gaming industry still have yet to learn from the Sony PSN hack, and maybe all other game companies are still complacent and confident that their databases cannot be hacked.

    We hope that this would be a wake up call for all gaming companies out there.

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