Event Aftermath: Creative Speakers Product Launch

Written by Chad

June 12, 2011

Last June 7, Creative Technology Ltd. held a product launch at the Discovery Suites to launch their new wave of wireless speakers; the ZiiSound Dx series of pure wireless modular speakers.

The Dx series consists of the ZiiSound D5x wireless one-piece speaker, the ZiiSound D3x one-piece speaker and ZiiSound DSx wireless subwoofer.

These speakers are set to redefine the home audio experience for consumers and establish a newstandard for how retailers sell speakers. With the introduction of pure wireless modularity, Creative changes how consumers can purchase a home audio system.

With wireless speakers, you will not be worrying on tangling wireless and cables lying around your room.


The good part on the wireless speakers is that you can use any portable music players and mobile phones that have Bluetooth connectivity to sync with the wireless speakers; iPhone, Blackberry, iPad, Android Phones can connect to the speakers, also laptops can sync in with the wireless speakers to so users can enjoy watching movies or play video games.

And the cool part with the Dx series is that each of the speakers can be connected wirelessly to create a multi-channel entertainment system; you can get 2 D3x speakers or 1 D3x and D5x or you can get 2 D3x or D5x along with a DSx subwoofer for a 2.1 channel and there is no limit to the combination.

A couple of D3x, D5x and DSx were demonstrated at the product launch to show off the capabilities of the wireless speakers. First, they demonstrated one D5x speaker to play a music track, the sound were crisp although without a subwoofer; the bass is a bit weak, this would probably a good choice to play Jazz music. Next in the demonstration is playing a scene in the Incredible Hulk movie, as for the setup, they sync all 4 of the D5x and D3x along with the DSx subwoofer, the result was quite impressive, some of the sounds from the shattered glass up to the flying bullets, the sounds were very crisp.

The ZiiSound D5x wireless speaker and DSx wireless subwoofer are scheduled to release in the market this coming July while the D3x is scheduled for an August release.

The D5x wireless speaker has a suggested retail price of PhP 15,500 and the DSx wireless subwoofer is priced at PhP 8,100 while the D3x wireless speaker is around PhP 8,100.

Other newly released  products from Creative were also on display at the launch which includes the D80 and D200 wireless speakers, the WP-450, WP-350, WP-250 wireless headphones and the ZEN Style M300 portable media player.

For more details on the wireless products, you can visit http://www.creative.com/purewirelessentertainment/

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