Two MMOs in Korea Shutting Down

NCsoft Korea just recently announced that two of their MMOs; namely the side-scroller MMORPG Dragonica and the Online FPS Point Blank.

Both games will cease their service on the 13th of July.  The closure of Dragonica is possibly connected with Barunson Interactive, the developers of Dragonica being purchased by Gravity Games, it is possible that Gravity will take over the publishing rights and will continue the game service.

While on the Point Blank MMOFPS side, there is still no news on who will take over the publishing rights in Korea, NCsoft also handles the Point Blank games in South and Central America.

Coincidentally, E-Games recently just launch the Open Beta Phase of Point Blank in the Philippines, and also handles the Philippine server of Dragonica.

We are still unsure if the closure in Korea will also affect the game services in the Philippines as NCsoft was only the publisher for the two games in Korea.

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