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As the last movie for the Harry Potter saga draws near, fans of the young wizard are still hungry for more, and now J.K. Rowling (the author of the Harry Potter series) launched a project that promises HP fans more wizardry adventures.

A few days ago, Rowling set a series of clues to fans where they have to enter 10 coordinates from a certain website, in which will reveal to another website, with a “Coming Soon” note on the site.



Then a countdown timer was found on Youtube where the announcement of the project will be unveiled.

Then at 7:00 PM this evening, J.K. Rowling finally announced the project Pottermore.



Pottermore is an interactive web site and reading experience with more than 18,000 words.

Fans will able to read, interact and share Harry Potter stories, with some exclusive from Rowling’s writing, you will be able to purchase audio books and ebooks of all Harry Potter novels.

You can get to follow the story as well as getting sorted to any of the four houses at Hogwarts and even get to own a wand, you will even get to know some of the backstories on some of the characters in the series.

Sony is also part with the creation of Pottermore.

One million fans will get the chance to try Pottermore on July 31, and all fans can try on October this year.

This may not be a new MMO game that some anticipated to be similar that from popular MMORPGs, but this will encourage Harry Potter fans to create their fandoms and to share with other fans.

source: The Leaky Cauldron

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