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Upcoming MMORPG Dragona PH has finally scheduled their Pre-Beta Test. Their CBT will begin on July 28 and will end on August 17, All characters (Gunner, Sniper, Guardian, Assassin, Ranger, Magician, Shaman, and Scout) will be available in the CBT with a level cap of 40. There will be no IP blocks for Dragona PH; meaning any player from around the globe can access the game without any restrictions.

In-game events for the Pre-Beta Test were already prepared for the players:

  • The Bug Hunt¬†– Open to all Pre-beta participants. An event that focuses on finding bugs/glitches on all UI, game functions, features, etc…
  • Champions of Bartan – Top 10 players (per server) at the end of the Pre-beta phase.
  • The Amazing Race – First 100 players to reach Level 35.
  • An Epic Voyage – The player who has achieved the highest level at the end of the Pre-beta phase wins. 1 winner per server. If 2 more or more players have the same level, winner will be based on the EXP gained, then PVP Points (points).
All players can now register for the beta test at their official website: http://dragona.ph.gameclub.com
All of the accounts that were registered will be their permanent accounts for the beta test and the upcoming future phases, download links and mirrors of the game client will available in the coming days.
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