07 Ghost – New Anime to Air on Animax



What’s your Zaiphon?

New anime series 07 Ghost revolves around a select few people who have the ability to make use of their Zaiphon, a type of power that through its use people can convert strong emotions into energy. This type of energy also allows different abilities to manifest itself, depending on the user’s personality and nature; which generally falls under three categories; Healing, Offensive and Manipulation.

07 Ghost is a new anime that will air on Animax Philippines coming this August. The anime will center around Teito Klein, who has a hidden past linked to the destroyed Raggs Kingdom.

07 Ghost currently airs on Animax Asia Mondays to Fridays at 07:30PM (+8GMT).

You can find out the latest news and promos on 07 Ghost and other Animax shows on their Facebook page at facebook.com/PhilippinesAnimax

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