New Info and Leaked Image of DOTA 2

Written by Chad

August 16, 2011


It has been months after the announcement for the sequel to the hit Warcraft 3 Mod game Defense of The Ancients; now dubbed as DOTA 2, the game will be developed by Valve (the team behind great titles such as Half-Life, Counter Strike and Left 4 Dead) but will still be handled by IceFrog; the same team who created the very first DoTA. But Valve will finally reveal the game to the public for the first time.

DOTA 2 was announced last October at Game Informer and it is scheduled to be released sometime in 2011, they will still retain the classic gameplay and game mechanics to keep it faithful to the original as well as additional features (customizable hotkeys, bot mode for training, spectator mode, etc.) for the community.

There  are leaked images spreading across the world wide web, but according to some DOTA 2 experts, the screenshots were around four months old and they believed that the current version will have improved UI and much better graphic environment.



Valve will officially reveal DOTA 2 to the public in the upcoming Gamescom Convention in Cologne, Germany (the event will run from August 17 to 21, 2011), and at the same time, they will be hosting their very first tournament with a whopping ONE MILLION DOLLARS as their Grand Prize.

The tournament will pit 16 of the best DoTA teams from around the globe in a double elimination format, you will be able to watch the streaming of the tournament free of charge. Valve will also give an update of DOTA 2’s release and it will be available on PC and Mac via Steam.

You can also watch the trailer for DOTA 2.



You can visit their official blog at

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