Black Rock Shooter The Game will get an English Version



NIS America has just announced that they have acquired the license of the highly anticipated JRPG for the PlayStation Portable, Black Rock Shooter The Game, and this will be released in the United States and Europe.

Black Rock Shooter The Game was based on the 2010 50 -minute OVA that was also based on the music video of the very same name from Supercell. An upcoming Anime series is scheduled to air on January 2012 in Japan.



The PSP game was developed by Imageepoch, the story is set in the year 2032 where Earth has been invaded by extraterrestrials and humans are in the brink of extinction after nineteen years of nonstop battles. The human’s only hope relies on Black Rock Shooter; the ultimate battle android, but after she is awaken to end the battle, only twelve humans were the only survivors on Earth. The game will feature a shooter styled JRPG

There is still no scheduled release date for BRS The Game, but NIS America will announce the date in the coming weeks.

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