Creative D200 Wireless Speaker Review

Written by Chad

August 26, 2011



Digital entertainment product giant Creative is now into the wireless audio market, with one of their latest model; the D200. This Bluetooth wireless speaker is all about…well being wireless on your audio player as well on laptops and PCs (if your device has Bluetooth connectivity that is..) So let’s take a look and see if the D200 can be your ideal wireless speaker.

As for the design of the D200, it has this sleek design and a glossy finish; this gives the speaker more of a high quality feel. You can match it with your LCD TV to make it like it’s your main home theater system or you can put it on your bedroom. The speaker has 3 buttons on top: the volume and the Bluetooth pairing button, although it would be nice if the D200 has a volume indicator.



Since the D200 connects to any audio player devices via Bluetooth, there is no need for a docking port, and almost any phone can be synced with the wireless speaker. Synchronizing your devices to the speakers is very easy and fast, I tried connecting to the speaker with the iPhone 3G and iPhone 4 and it syncs perfectly. Also, devices such as the iPad can also sync with the D200, you can even connect the speaker to your laptop. We also tried syncing the D200 to the PlayStation 3 but sadly, there are no sound output coming out from the speaker, it is probably because the PS3 does not support this feature for their audio output. Those who don’t have a device with Bluetooth connectivity can still use the D200 by jacking a 3.5mm audio jack at the back of the speaker.



As for the sound quality, it is really top notch as expected from Creative; the bass of the speaker is quite impressive for a wireless speaker. With the inclusion of a subwoofer behind the speaker, it adds up that additional oomp to the sound. The sound quality is also superb when playing games, from ambience sounds up to the thundering explosions. The volume sound is quite loud and is suitable for small room areas such as bedrooms and study rooms.


Overall, the Creative D200 Wireless Speaker is a great addition if you want to go wireless for your audio entertainment. It also has the good sound quality similar that from the Creative ZiiSound D5, but with a much cheaper price, and with sleek and glossy design, your room will look good on that speaker.

So if you have a audio player or a mobile phone with Bluetooth connectivity, then try getting the D200 now. The Creative D200 Wireless Speaker is now available with a retail price of PhP 5999.

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