LUNA Online Plus is Officially Launched

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September 7, 2011


The long-awaited LUNA Online Plus has finally launched! The game has not only maintained the cute style of the old version, but also added with whole new game systems, quest dungeons, and map games, which will bring a whole new experience of adventure to players.

*New game server is available for download:




Mysterious Magic Tower   Challenge Numerous Powerful Monsters

The latest quest dungeon is a mysterious dungeon called “Magic Tower”. The Magic Tower can only be entered at a specific time, and the monsters living in “Magic Tower” provide more experience if compared to other monsters of the same level. Of course, you cannot underestimate their strength. Also, the monsters and BOSS inside the tower have a certain probability of dropping enhancement gem and rare items. You can get a lot of rewards inside! Don’t forget to enter the dungeon everyday at the right time.




Whole New Map   Everything Looks So Real

Sahara Area
Scorching sunlight, numerous sand hills, and wide desert is the characteristics of Sahara area. The monsters here are mainly ant-type monsters, poisonous spiders, coyotes, bandit groups and so on. Among them, the fierce Grey-brown Bear is a better target to level up, but it has very high strength. You better team up with others, so that you won’t lose your life even if you don’t have enough strength.

Parasus Oasis
Where there is a desert, there is an oasis. Parasus Oasis is one of the newly added maps. Although it is full of plants and water, the monsters are not weak. However, they are scattering more widely than the monsters at Sahara area, so that players can have more time to rest.




Exciting Events that Attract Old Players to Return

Demon Race Majin Ranger
The greatest attraction of the new version is the mysterious job, Demon Race Majin. Do you want to become the strongest person of Demon Race? This event will be one of your motivations. The event will be held from 31st August 2011 to 30th September 2011. The player can obtain precious rewards if you are able to train your character to reach Level 100 during the event period.

New Player Costume Suit Reward  New Players Can Play with Grace
In addition to old player event, new player event with great rewards will also be held from 31st August 2011 to 30th September 2011. Creating a new character in LUNA Plus, and you will be rewarded a human and elf suit (30 days).


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