Dragona PH Drakal’s Curse Event

Written by Chad

September 9, 2011



New MMORPG Dragona has a new event for the Pinoy players where they can win as much as PhP 50,000. All you have to do is be the first to reinforce an item +10. The contest ends on October 20, 2011. Read on to check out the rules and mechanics of the event.



1. All Dragona PH players are entitled to join this event.

2. First player to successfully reinforce any level 33 [and up] item to +10 wins.(see event categories)

3. 3 Categories for this event:

Category A Magical

Category B Rare

Category C Unique

(Unique items must be crafted. Unique items from quests, Pandoras and other non-crafted items are not included.

4. 1 winner per category per server

-1st player to reinforce any level 33(and up) Magical item to +10

-1st player to reinforce any level 33(and up) Rare item to +10

-1st player to reinforce any level 33(and up) Unique item to +10

5. Prizes may vary depending on the event category.


Prize per Category:

Category A. Magical – PhP 10,000

Category B. Rare – PhP 20,000

Category C. Unique – PhP 50,000



  1. Participants must post a screenshot of their inventory with the reinforced +10 item [with item description].
  2. First player to post a valid screenshot for each category will be declared the winner.
  3. All entries are subject for approval. Every entry will be checked and monitored.
  4. Valid screenshots must be posted on the designated event thread on our community site.
  5.  Edited screenshots are not allowed.
  6.  Editing of post is not allowed, entry will be deemed invalid, if you want to edit your entry, create a new post.
  7. 1 winner per category. Total of 3 winners per server.
  8. Winners will also be notified on how to claim their prize’s



  1. If prize has not been claimed 60 days after upon receipt of notification.
  2. If identification does not match their accounts registered information.
  3. If the declared winner has forfeited the promo prize, due to the above mentioned and/or any given circumstances, the participant with the succeeding valid entry will be declared the alternate winner.
For more details, you can visit Dragona PH’s official website: http://dragona.ph/
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