iDate Game update

Written by Chad

September 30, 2011



Last year in iDate, two players became so popular for being the 1st female and 1st male to reached Level 50. These players are ~EXO~Yuna<3HugS and ~EXO~VCM~Sheen*, noticed that they are from the same clan, and that makes Exoduz Family clan are so proud of them.

Just this August 25, 2011, iDate increased the level cap to 60. After a week, few players reached level 51st right away. But the big question is “who will be the 1st female and male players to reach Level 60?”


Truly iDate is an addicting game, one of the best stress reliever. iDate is very unique because of the easy game play, cool graphics, k-pop songs. This is a game where you can express yourself by dressing up your character that virtually represents yourself inside the game. It is also different from others in a way that it reaches out to the players and helps them enhance their social interaction and gives them chances to meet and befriend people around the Philippines.  Not only that! This game is for the huge age range of players, amazingly a fun game for the young and young at heart.

The best part of the game is to experience the “online dating”, young adults enjoy this feature because it boost their determination to ask someone to go on a date even if in just one of the dating rooms inside the game. To know that person one on one, a simple “HI” and Hello” ,  a getting to know each other stage, down to a heart to heart talk really gives them a wonderful experience– almost the same feeling as what real life dating experience is all about.  It’s always up to the players if they want to go on the next level wherein they will meet personally and get to know each other well, some actually did that and became real life lovers, some remained exclusively dating, some remained honey inside the game and friends in real life, everything is really up to the players. But bottom line, there’s always a responsibility that comes within, of course the  general rule is that you have to be careful with the people whom you meet and the game masters of the game always reminds its players to be careful at all times.

Aside from the in-game happenings, it’s always good to look back at the iDate’s past ground events which always drew hundreds of spectators since May 2010 up to the last event held last May 2011 in SM Manila.  It’s always been the talk of the town–the AVP is being played daily in the LCD monitors of SM Cyberzone, pictures posted on our Facebook Fanpage:!/iDateOnlinePhilippines .

As a part of our appreciation to all the iDaters, join us in our upcoming tournament this October for the Clan Wars and Reversion Battle, exact date will be posted on our official website, forums and facebook fan page.

Please see the following links:!/iDateOnlinePhilippines


And hopefully before the year ends, we can give you another remarkable event where you can bring your avatar to life again!

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