Animax Reveals the Sequel to the Hit Anime “Last Exile”

Written by Alex Neri

October 13, 2011



Do you remember that death-defying episode when our two vanships couriers encountered the mysterious girl that is said to be the “key” to bring peace in their world?

Any diehard anime fan would probably say “yes”. Well, I did.

It was approximately 10 years ago when I watched the steampunk epic, Last Exile; and I must say it was one hell of a ride. When I encountered the Animax teaser online, I had a feeling that Gonzo – the studio behind Last Exile and other hit series such as Gatekeepers and Fullmetal Panic – is bringing another masterpiece.


The encrypted Morse code message on the teaser that clearly said “EXILE” practically gave it away. Finally, after weeks of waiting Animax Asia reveals that the sequel to the 2003 hit anime will be called Last Exile – Fam, the Silver Wing – and will be aired on Animax same day as Japan. This time however, the much-awaited sequel to Last Exile has a different story, a new set of characters, and kickass vanship designs!



The story of Last Exile – Fam, the Silver Wing – centers on the adventure of a 15-year-old pilot Fam Fan Fan and her best friend Giselle. As a member of the Sky Pirates, she and the other members make a living by hunting for battleships that they resell. But the two girls are caught in a conflict between two nations when a war erupts. The plot thickens as our heroines strike a deal to help save the nations princesses.

In promotion of the upcoming premiere of LASTEXILE –Fam, The Silver Wing–, fans can also find out more about the new anime series from the dedicated micro-site created by Animax, complete with show information, pictures and video clips.

Get your jumpsuits ready guys (and gals) looks like we’re in for another airship adventure!

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