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Lets party rock this October because STEPS Evolution will give you a wonderful gaming experience even before the Halloween and the  yuletide season comes!



We are proud to announce our latest expansion the ”Fortune Race”. In this update you will experience a thrilling and fascinating brand new experience  like the additional musical instrument to our side “Orchestra” system the Violin, Shop till you drop with our wonderful selection of new fashion items  and feel free to explore and face the challenges that awaits you in our newly opened non musical game mode the “Panning Town”.



Introducing the Violin System, As a musical instrument that symbolize love and romance, the violin gives you a romantic feel best played together with your love.
The violin mode is accessible exclusively by wearing the Violin Prince and Princess costume set



New Trendy Fashion


Look young, Feel young with over 119 NEW Items to choose from in the item mall. Mix and match with our personal pick of the latest trend in STEPS Evolution ranging from classical theme to an out of this world attire and become the Boy or Girl next door of Hippie Server.




You can even wear the clothes designed by the players from STEPS china! Who knows you might have a chance to design your own clothes soon?  



Lets Have a FORTUNE RACE in Panning Town!

Start your adventure with the newly opened Panning Town a mini-game that works similar to the ever popular Monopoly where different unique treasures is waiting for grab if you can step up to the challenge.

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