Event Aftermath: Level Up! Live 2011

Written by Chad

November 11, 2011




Online Game Publisher Giant Level Up! Games held their annual Level Up! Live 2011 event at the World Trade Center last November 5, 2011. Level Up! Gamers from around the country have gathered for this once-in-a-year explosive event.

A lot of gamers are already waiting in line even in wee hours in the morning just to get their Early Bird rewards. A lot of activities and surprises awaits the ever loyal gamers in the said event.

Some of these activities include booths where you can participate in mini-games and win in-game prizes, there are also booths from the event’s sponsors where you can test out their latest products. There is also a section on the venue called LU City, where selected guilds of different Level Up! MMOs set their own decorated booths prepared with mini activities and merchandises.

A film festival was also held at the event to showcase the finalists that prepared a short video on their favorite Level Up! MMO. A Cosplay competition was also held where contestants showcased their costumes based from the games published by Level Up!.

Also during the event, their new MMO game was revealed to the audience by GM Tristan.

And the grand event that all gamers are waiting for, the final leg of the tournaments for the respective MMOs, a lot of cheers and roars thundered at the World Trade Center, and after the smoke was cleared, we now have the winners:


Champion: Simple Clan
1st Runner Up: PoM

Perfect World
Champion: Dius
1st Runner Up: Fidelis

Allods Online
Champion: Rebellion
1st Runner Up: Shadow Legion

RF Online
Champion: ClanRogueWolf
1st Runner Up: Mutiny

Champion: Team RAI
1st Runner Up: Miss Pakiss

Grand Chase
Champion: Nihi XML
1st Runner Up: Shocanats

Champion: Harabas
1st Runner Up: Wanted


The event was epic and we will be looking forward to another great Level Up! Live event. Here is our Aftermath Video of the event as well as the image gallery:



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