The Ultimate FPS Simulator



Chances are, you have already played Battlefield 3 from EA and DICE and we know you all are enjoying it. And every new First Person Shooting games being released, the gameplay and graphics are becoming more realistic.

But, up until now, no peripheral has ever recreated a real battle simulator where you can actually feel like you are really inside a battlefield, but one group is trying to attempt this. UK based tech show The Gadget Show tries to create the ultimate FPS simulator.

On this simulator, you can move, aim, fire and get shot like it was a real battle. They traveled all over Europe to gather some of the best tech experts and build a simulator that can be as realistic as a real thing. They even invited a Special Op Commando to test the simulator and see if this will pass his standards.

You can check out more of the details in this video:




You can also check the gameplay video of Battlefield 3 for those who haven’t seen the game


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