Global Agenda: Free Agent


Global Agenda is a sci-fi, Third-person MMO shooter by Hi-Rez Studios. You will be able to take the role of an elite special agent where you will be able to wield futuristic weapons and armor and tackle against other opposing agents and robots for survival and territory. The game was built on the Unreal 3 Engine and was released February of 2010.

With the release of Global Agenda: Free Agent last April 2011, the game shifts from its subscription based model to free-to-play.

Global Agenda sets in the year 2155, in the aftermath of the Third Great War, an oppressive world government called the Commonwealth determined to take over the planet. A small group of independent factions are determined to fight against the Commonwealth in any way possible.

You will be able to customize and develop your own agent, mixing RPG elements in character progression. You will be able to unlock more weapons and gadgets including jetpacks, gun turrets and stealth suits to fight your way to the top.

You can choose from four different character classes: Assault, Recon, Medic and Robotics where they use different weapons and customizable skills.

Three of your friends can join in for a multiplayer experience, they can communicate with the built-in text and voice chat to help them coordinate on their missions. You will be able to challenge other players for a player-versus-player (PVP) matches in five different game modes.




If you are a FPS gamer, make sure to try Global Agenda: Free Agent. You can register and download the game at


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