Mythos Global Close Beta Arriving this December


Hanbitsoft and T3Fun today announced that the highly anticipated dungeon-crawler Action Role-Playing Game ARPG Mythos will hold a four-day closed beta test beginning on December 1st. Beta keys will be distributed in the following days, so fans should stay tuned for a chance to participate. More details after the jump.

Beta players will have the exclusive hands-on opportunity to experience this epic world in all of its non-stop, monster-slaughtering glory. Mythos features high-quality random dungeon generation designed to ensure that each run is a new and exciting experience, an intricate loot system boasting a massive array of possible stats and attributes for items and equipment, and an in-depth crafting system containing entire skill trees which are unique to crafting.


There will also be lots of events being prepared  for beta players to participate in, held both in-game and via the Mythos Facebook page. Players can also sign up for the official newsletter  to get the latest information and updates about the beta period.

For more information about Mythos and the upcoming close beta test, please visit


Mythos is an online action RPG set in the land of Uld, a fantasy world arisen from the ashes of a dark and terrible war. Uld is a place where many different races live and where gods try their best to gain more power and influence among their followers. The constant conflict between the gods who seek order and the gods who seek chaos, led to a division among the races living in Uld. Following the ideals of reason and science are the humans, gremlins, satyrs, and Cyclops, while those who yearn for savagery and wars are the Discordians.

Mythos features fast-paced role-playing and hack-and-slash combat in which players can choose from unique races and classes like the Bloodletter, Pyromancer and Gadgeteer. Uld is a living world of fantasy and danger with an endless assortment of dungeons to conquer whether you play by yourself, co-op with friends, or PvP.






In celebration of the anouncement of Mythos Global, we will be having a Close Beta Key Giveaway. So stay tuned to Reimaru Files on Friday as we will be handing out 10 Beta Keys. You can visit our Facebook Page for updates on our beta key giveaway.

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