Weapons of War New Patch & Inter-server War


Weapons of War just updated its latest cash lotto the Kung Paw Lotto. Yes, it’s Kung Paw because inside the lotto you can get a chance to win a Kung Paw Tiger Pet that will make you quicker and stronger! Summon this cute feline and it will greatly aid you in battle as it grows. The pet is not only the new addition in the new lotto. If you’re lucky enough, you might get the Super Lucky 9 Bag that contains a Lucky Heart 9, Nine Sky Diamond and the Lucky Snowflake +9! These items will surely make you lucky enough to upgrade your items to +9.


As for the new features in the game the Guardian Accessories have been replaced by the New Guardian Buffs. This will eventually remove the Guardian Accessory bug that has been a big problem during Blood Palace War. New system events will also be implemented in the first week of December. The hunt for the guardian relics. This will require the players to hunt quest items from rare monsters in exchange for the Guardian Buffs.



Weapons of War will be having a Grand EB in Manila this November 26, 2011. This long awaited event of the Manila players will be held at Arena Taft, Malate Manila. Cash and in-game prizes will be awarded to those who will emerge as champions of the tournament. Fun events also await those who will be attending as we bring back the Pick a Prize event!


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