The Best of Reimarufiles 2011

Written by Alex Neri

December 28, 2011

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This year has been a really fun year for us here at Reimarufiles, as we’ve begun new partnerships with various companies to give us exclusive access (such as beta keys) and giveaways (well …more beta keys) for all our readers.

Aside from that, we’ve begun discovering how much of our content has been relevant to your interests: both as a Pinoy and as a gamer.

Here I’ve compiled some of the best articles we have on our site. This is based on the number of hits the article has got, and based on the number of favorable responses / feedback we received; both via comments and via email.

Dragon Age 2: Getting that Champion Armor: A short guide on how to get the much-coveted Champion Armor in Dragon Age 2.

Batman Arkham City Costume DLCs: Ever wondered if that DLC is worth the purchase / download? Check out this sneak peek at Batman Arkham City’s DLC content listing.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Release Date and Trailers: The much-awaited sequel to Square Enix’ game Final Fantasy 13. Check out the release dates and the trailers that will leave you salivating.

Black Rock Shooter The Game will get an English Version: A highly-anticipated game that was released in Japan this year. NISA has announced that they will be localizing this game in English, but a release date (even tentative) is yet to be seen. Screenshots and video abound.

Bounty Hounds Online CBT Key Giveaway: This was the post that almost broke our servers! Well, now we know what you guys want every time there’s a CBT server coming around… Oh yeah, there’s the Part 2 and 3 of that.

Event Aftermath: Level Up! Live 2011: This was a part of a mini experiment we’re having here at Reimarufiles. Event Aftermath videos are one of the top posts we had for 2011, and we’re pretty much hyped to continue more into the future.

Whew! That was a crazy ride. Here’s to looking forward to seeing you guys with us at 2012!

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  1. larry dacayo

    pls give me a beta key, i already download the game, i just need the beta key, pls give me bounty hounds beta key


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