MPAA Lied, Claiming 2M Jobs in Movie Industry


On the Judiciary Committee’s website, you will be able to find an interesting document that’s posted publicly: the Motion Picture Association of Amercia’s (MPAA) letter to them in which they made their economic reasons that SOPA has to pass. It was a point that is largely used to justify its passing, but woefully a point that’s under-researched.

The letter claims that “Over 2 million Americans across all 50 states earn a living and support their families and jobs connected to the making of motion pictures.” This is way out of line as against the figures generated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which declares that there are only 361,900 wage and salary jobs in the motion picture industry.

Bureau of Labor Statistics - Movie Industry Jobs image

Which brings up the question: What actually compelled Lamar Smith (Republican-Texas) to think that this bill is urgently needed to protect millions of jobs in America?

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